Watercolor Mini Sessions

Watercolor Mini Sessions FAQ

What are Watercolor Mini Sessions?

Watercolor mini sessions are a dry/wet mini session done at the lake. You will receive 15-20 finished images (regular edits) and 15-20 duplicate "watercolor" edits (think the look of rich, gicleé watercolor paper matte, 'framing' an image/pattern similar to a watercolor painting.

Why are these mini sessions more expensive than your other "minis?"

Watercolor mini sessions involve twice as much editing time, consisting of editing your regular gallery and then applying a unique watercolor edit to each one. Plus, you receive approx. 40 images total, which is the volume of a full sessions gallery at $100 less (full sessions are currently $400).

What should I wear to my Watercolor Mini Session?

Think MOVEMENT. Flowy dresses. Florals, prints, or solids with lots of room for twirling and turning about. Just as water is fluid, your movement and wardrobe should be, too. However, you WILL get wet, so don't spend TOO much on a fancy dress ;).

What if I don't want to get wet during my Watercolor Mini Session?

You don't have to, but it's recommended. You will still receive a full gallery (15-20) of images, however, the quality may differ if you are not splashing around by the end of it~

How long will Watercolor Mini Sessions be available?

All I can say is, "while supplies last" aka until I am no longer offering them. This will depend on my creative mood, and my own availability. Get 'em while they're hot wet!

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